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Attila Palyaga
Environmental Engineer
Partner & MD
Csaba Gulyas
Architectural Engineer  
Partner & Co-founder
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Hello. We are a dynamic and innovative team, a group of young and passionate entrepreneurs who see the problems and want to find solutions…not just to talk about it.

We brought our project GROWFEATURE alive, because trough many years of hard work on the field of architectural, biological & environmental engineering it has become more and more clear to us - and slowly to the majority of the people too - that the Earth's population is ever increasing and the plantation areas are constantly decreasing. Most of the existing areas are already heavily contaminated or will become contaminated in the near future; the climate is so harsh on the vast majority of the Earth that the cultivation of plants is just not possible – most of these areas are populated.

There is also an increasing problem caused by the global warming, but the solution is here in front of us.

Our main goal is to integrate the advanced plant-cultivation technologies into the urban environment, which will enable everyone to grow healthy, pesticide-free vegetables & herbs effortlessly wherever they live.

We are about to change the image in people about plant cultivation and bring the future of sustainable urban farming.

We are of the opinion, that through the utilization of our knowledge and through continuous learning and training, we can solve the problems that are already exist. We believe, that we can not only change the lives and behavior of people, but we can create a healthy future together for our children; thereby enhancing their respect of the earth as much as we do.